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History Tab

The History tab is added to the Version Control tool window on invoking the Show History command for a file or directory through the menu of a particular VCS. A new tab is created for each file or directory, with the name File <name> History. The set of toolbar buttons differs slightly depending on your version control systems.

All commands available from the toolbar are also available from the context menu of a selection.

ItemTooltip and ShortcutDescription
icon_showDiff Compare
Click this button to compare the selected revision of a file with its previous revision in the Differences Viewer.
icon_showDiffLocal Compare with Local Click this button to compare the selected revision of a file with its local copy in the Differences Viewer.
icon_UML.png Compare all classes from revision on UML
Click this button to view all classes of the selected revision as a UML Class diagram. See section Viewing Changes as Diagram.
iconCreatePatch Create Patch Click this button to create a patch from the selected revision.
historyViewGetIcon.gif Get Click this button to retrieve the selected revision. If the local copy has already been modified, WebStorm prompts to overwrite the local version, or cancel the operation.
annotate-details Annotate Click this button to open the selected revision of a file in the editor with annotations.
showAffectedFiles Show All Affected Files
Click this button to open the Paths Affected in Revision dialog where you can view all files that were modified in the selected revision.
copy Copy Revision Number Click this button to copy the revision number of the commit that the selected file belongs to to the clipboard.
hierarchyClassButton Show Branches Click this button to show branches.
icon_ChangeListShowAll Show All Revisions Submitted In Selected Changelist Click this button to display the list of all revisions committed in the same changelist as the selected revision of a file.
refresh Refresh Click this button to refresh the current information.
showDetails Show Details Click this button to show the commit message for the selected revision.
close Close
Click this button to close the current history tab.
help Help
Click this button to show reference information.

File revisions are shown in regular font. The revision that currently exists in your working copy, is shown inbold font.

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Last modified: 15 November 2016