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Structural Search and Replace Examples

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Searching for JavaScript and Typescript classes

If you have, for example, a JavaScript or Typescript class:

class MyClass { }
the simplest template to search for a class is:
class $a$

Searching for XML and HTML tags, attributes, and their values

The simplest template that is used to search for a tag is:


By placing constraints on the variable $a$, you can specify which tags you want to find. For example, if you specify the text/regexp constraint app.+, you’ll find the tags whose names start with app.

A more versatile template for searching in XML and HTML is:

<$tag$ $attribute$="$value$"/>

By using this template with properly specified search settings and constraints, you can find practically anything that may occur in XML or HTML. For example, if you specify the text/regexp constraint width for the variable $attribute$, you’ll find all the tags that have the width attribute.

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Last modified: 23 December 2016