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Uploading and Downloading Files

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Uploading files and folders

WebStorm provides the following main ways to upload project files and folders to a deployment server:

  • Manually, at any time through a menu command.
  • Automatically, every time a file is updated, or before starting a debugging session, or during commit to your version control system.

To upload a file or folder manually:

  • In the Project tool window, select this file or folder, choose Upload to on the context menu, and then select the target deployment server from the list.

To upload a file or folder to the default server manually:

  • In the Project tool window, select this file or folder and then choose Upload to <default deployment server> on the context menu of the selection.

To upload checked-in files immediately after commit:

  1. Start checking in your changes.
  2. In the After Commit area, choose the target server from the Upload file to drop-down list. Choose one of the existing server access configurations or create a new one: click the Browse button browseButton.png and configure access to the relevant server in the Deployment dialog box that opens.
  3. To have WebStorm automatically upload checked in files to the chosen server, select the Always use selected server check box.

To configure automatic upload of changed files to the default server:

  1. Open the Options dialog box: Open the Settings / Preferences Dialog by pressing Ctrl+Alt+S or by choosing File | Settings for Windows and Linux or WebStorm | Preferences for macOS. Expand the Build, Execution, Deployment node, and then click Options under Deployment.
  2. In the Upload changed files automatically to the default server drop-down list, specify when you want WebStorm to upload changed files:
    • To have WebStorm upload any saved file no matter whether the save was invoked manually or automatically, choose Always.
    • To have WebStorm upload only files that were saved manually, choose On explicit save action.
    • To suppress automatic upload, choose Never.

Downloading files and folders

To download a file or folder, select it in the Remote Hosts tool window and choose Download from here on the context menu of the selection.

To download a file from the default deployment server, choose Tools | Deployment | Download from <default server configuration> on the main menu.

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Last modified: 17 July 2017