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Add/Edit Filter Dialog

From the Output Filters dialog: new or edit1

Specify the filter for transferring absolute file paths and line numbers in the tool output into hyperlinks.

Name The name of the filter.
Description The filter description (optional).
Regular expression to match output The text pattern to be matched against the tool output to identify linkable references. The pattern can include text and the following placeholder variables:
  • $FILE_PATH$ - the portion of the output that corresponds to an absolute path to a source file. Required.
  • $LINE$ - a line number reference.
  • $COLUMN$ - a column reference.

The variables are inserted by right-clicking the field and then selecting the necessary item from the list that is shown.


If your tool outputs the lines similar to

Error parsing C:\Demos\src\converter\MetersToInches.xml:103 Missing Closing Tag

the pattern $FILE_PATH$:$LINE$ will turn C:\Demos\src\converter\MetersToInches.xml:103 into a hyperlink to the line number 103 in the file MetersToInches.xml.

Last modified: 26 March 2018

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