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CVS Global Settings Dialog

File | Settings | Version Control | CVS for Windows and Linux
WebStorm | Preferences | Version Control | CVS for macOS

Use this dialog box to set up CVS options at the global level. The dialog is available for files and directories that are under CVS control.

CharsetFrom this drop-down list, select the character set to be used.
Use gzip compressionSelect this checkbox to apply gzip compression.
Password fileIn this text box, specify the fully qualified path to the .cvspass file. Click browseButton to select the file in the corresponding dialog.
Connection timeoutIn this text box, type the timeout value in seconds.
Send environment variable
to server
Select this checkbox to have CVS-related environment variables sent to the server.
Log CVS client/server output
to cvs.log file
Select this checkbox to enable logging and have the cvs.log log file stored in the log directory of your WebStorm installation.
Last modified: 26 March 2018

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