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CVS Tool Window

VCS | Browse CVS Repository
View | Tool Windows | CVS

This tool window opens, when you browse a CVS repository, and enables you to view contents of the repository, check out files, browse changes, view annotations and navigate to source code.

close Click this button to close the current tab.
vcsToolbarJumpToSourceIcon Click this button to open the selected file in the editor.
checkout Click this button to obtain a local copy of the selected file or directory.
annotate details Click this button to open selected file in the editor with the annotations turned on. See Viewing Annotations.
icon viewDetails Click this button to see the changes that affect the selected file or directory, and that have been committed to the repository by a certain user, or during the specified period. The filtering information is entered in the Search Criteria dialog. Search results show in a dedicated tab of the Version Control tool window.
icon help Click this button to show reference page.
Last modified: 26 March 2018

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