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Meteor executable In this field, specify the location of the Meteor executable file (see Installing Meteor).
Automatically exclude ".meteor/local" directory on open project
  • When the checkbox is selected, the .meteor/local folder, which is intended for storing the built application, is automatically marked as excluded and is not involved in indexing.
  • Clear the checkbox to show the .meteor/local folder and its contents in the Project tool window.

By default, excluded files are shown in the project tree. To hide the .meteor/local folder, click the icon viewMode button on the toolbar of the Project tool window and remove a tick next to the Show Excluded Files option.

Enable Meteor 'Hot code push'
Automatically import Meteor packages as an external library.
  • When the checkbox is selected, WebStorm automatically imports the external packages from the meteor/packages file. As a result, WebStorm provides full range coding assistance: resolves references to Meteor built-in functions, for example, check(true), and to functions from third-party packages, provides proper syntax and error highlighting, supports debugging with source maps, etc.
  • When this checkbox is cleared, WebStorm does not automatically import the external packages from the meteor/packages file. As a result no coding assistance is provided. To improve the situation, open the meteor/packages file in the editor and click the Import packages as library link or run the meteor --update command.
Weak search for Spacebars templates
  • Select this checkbox to enable WebStorm to search inside Spacebars templates. When this checkbox is selected and you invoke the Go to Declaration action on a helper, WebStorm displays a list of all occurrences of this helper in templates. Choose the relevant one from the list.
  • When you invoke Got to Declaration with this checkbox cleared, WebStorm does not perform any search and displays a tooltip which the following message: Cannot find declaration to go to.
Last modified: 26 March 2018

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