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WebStorm constantly scans your project for comments in the source code that match the TODO patterns defined on the Editor | TODO page of WebStorm settings (Ctrl+Alt+S), and displays results in the TODO tool window.

The TODO tool window is marked with the icon icon todo and consists of the following tabs:

  • Project tab that show the TODO items for the whole project.
  • Current File tab.
  • Scope Based tab that enables viewing TODO items pertaining to a certain scope, selected from the drop-down list, and ignoring the other items.
  • Current Changelist, if version control integration is enabled.

This tool window helps you view, sort, and group the TODO items in a convenient way as well as to navigate to the related source code.

On this page:

Toolbar buttons

ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
arrowUp Previous TODO
Navigate to the previous TODO item.
arrowDown Next TODO
Navigate to the next TODO item.
help Help
Use this icon or shortcut to open the corresponding help page.
Expand all
Ctrl+NumPad Plus
Collapse all
Ctrl+NumPad -
Use these buttons to have all nodes expanded or collapsed.
autoScrollToSource Autoscroll to SourceToggle the Autoscroll to source mode. When this button is pressed, every time the node is focused, the corresponding line of source code is highlighted in the editor.
commonfilter Filter TODO itemsClick this button to select the desired filter from the list, or invoke the TODO dialog and edit the list of TODO patterns and filters as required.
previewUsages Preview UsagesIf this button is pressed, a pane to the right shows the source code of the selected file, with the corresponding TODO item highlighted.

The following buttons are available in the Project and Scope Based tabs.

groupByModule Ctrl+D If this button is pressed, the TODO items show under the corresponding module or library node.
groupByPackage Ctrl+P If this button is pressed, the TODO items show under the corresponding packages.
flattenPackages Ctrl+F If this button is pressed, the TODO items show as a flat list. Thus, if a package is somewhere deep within your project, you do not need to dig deep into the hierarchy.

Context menu commands

ItemKeyboard ShortcutDescription
Jump to Source F4 Navigate to the selected usage in the source code.
Local HistoryShow Local History submenu for the selected search result.
<VCS>Show menu of the VCS, associated with the directory. See Version Control Procedures and Reference for details.

Title bar context menu and buttons

You can right-click on the window title bar and use the context menu to configure its viewing mode, associate the window with a different tool window bar, or resize and hide the window.

You can also use the toolbar buttons:

icon viewMode Click this button to access a subset of the context menu commands that let you configure window's viewing mode.
icon hideSide Shift+Escape Use this command to hide the tool window. You can also use it in combination with the Alt key to hides all tool windows attached to the same tool window bar.
Last modified: 26 March 2018

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