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Edit Variables. Complete Match Dialog

Edit | Find | Search Structurally | Edit variables | Complete Match

Use the Complete Match dialog to define constraints for the entire pattern that you have specified in the search template.

Text constraintsIn this area define the constraints of the selected variable regarding text. In case of Complete Match this area might not be useful.

The constraints are as follows:

  • Text/regular expression - in this text box, type a perl-like expression or a class name to be used as a variable constraint. Basic code completion is available for class names.
  • Invert condition - select this checkbox to have the text pattern inverted.
  • Apply constraint within type hierarchy - select this checkbox to have the search according to the pattern performed both in type names and in parents (within the hierarchy).
  • Whole words only - when this checkbox is selected, only whole words within text are matched. This option recognizes string literals and comments.
Contained in constraintsIn this area, define additional constraint pattern inside the already defined search template. Specify the pattern in the text box or click the browseButton button to open the Existing Templates dialog box. Invert condition - select this checkbox to have the value of the corresponding field changed to the opposite one.
Script constraintsIn this area, define a variable constraint via a script. Specify the script in the text box or click the browseButton button to open the Edit Groovy Script Constraint dialog box. The constraint is applied after the initial matching process is finished.
This variable is target of the searchIf this checkbox is selected, the search results will show not the entire expression but the selected variable(s) only.
Last modified: 20 July 2018

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