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Use this page to associate copyright profiles with the specific scopes within your project.


Tooltip and shortcut


Default project copyright

Use this drop-down list to specify the default copyright profile at the project level. The default profile applies to those project files that do not belong to any defined scope. The default profile also applies when no specific profile-scope combinations have been created.

By default, WebStorm suggests No copyright.

Scope-profile combinations area

Note that unless you have at least one copyright profile and scope, the controls below are disabled.


Click an entry in this column to select the desired shared scope from the drop-down list. If the desired scope is not yet defined, click the link below to open the Scopes dialog box, where you can create a new scope or edit an existing one.


Click an entry in this column to select a copyright profile from the drop-down list of available copyright profiles.

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Add Alt+Insert

Use this icon or shortcut to add a new scope-profile combination.

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Delete Alt+Delete

Use this icon or shortcut to remove the selected item from the list.

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Up/Down Alt+Up/Alt+Down

Use these icons or shortcuts to move the selected item one line up or down in the list.

The order of scope-profile combination is important, because if a file belongs to several scopes, these scopes are checked upside down. So doing, the first scope where this file belongs, is declared the proper one, and its copyright profile is used.

Select Scopes to add new scopes or modify existing ones

Click this link to open the Scopes page, where you can create a new scope or edit an existing one.

Last modified: 19 November 2018

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