WebStorm 2020.3 Help

Rerun tests

You can repeat your test session without leaving your test runner tab of the Run tool window. The tests are performed again using the same run configuration as in the initial run.

Rerun a testing session

  • Press Ctrl+F5 or click the Rerun button the Run button on the toolbar of Test Runner tab.

Note that you can rerun the tests automatically.

Rerun failed tests

If you are using Karma, Jest, or Mocha, after you make a fix, you can rerun only the tests that failed instead of running all the tests.

  • In the Test Runner tab, click the Rerun Failed Tests button the Rerun Failed Tests button on the toolbar.

    Rerun a failed Karma test

Rerunning tests automatically

WebStorm lets you rerun run/debug configuration of a test automatically, if the source code has been changed. To enable autotest-like runner facility, make sure that the Toggle auto-test button the Toggle Auto-Test button in the Run toolbar of the Test Runner tab is pressed.

Last modified: 08 March 2021