WebStorm 2020.3 Help

Spy-js tool window

The tool window is available only when the Spy-js plugin is enabled. The Spy-js plugin is bundled with WebStorm and activated by default. If the plugin is disabled, enable it on the Settings/Preferences | Plugins page as described in Managing plugins.

The tool window opens when you launch a run configuration of the type Spy-js or Spy-js for Node.js. As soon as the Spy-js tool captures an event, it shows the event itself, its details, and stack-traces. By clicking an event, you can open the trace file, which is a prettified source file with the script that the event launched.

The tool window consists of a common toolbar and two tabs with panes:

ItemTooltip and shortcutDescription
Icons actions restartRerun
Click this button to stop the current trace session and run it again. When the session is canceled externally by clicking Icons actions suspend, the button toggles to Icons toolwindows tool window run. Note that after the session restarts, you have to refresh the traced page in the browser to start capturing events.
Icons toolwindows tool window runRerun
This button substitutes for Icons actions restart if the previous trace session was canceled externally by clicking Icons actions suspend. Click Icons toolwindows tool window run to initiate a new session. Note that after the session restarts, you have to refresh the traced page in the browser to start capturing events.
Icons actions suspendStop
Click this button to terminate the current process externally by means of the standard shutdown script.

Clicking the button once invokes soft kill allowing the application to catch the SIGINT event and perform graceful termination (on Windows, the Ctrl+C event is emulated). After the button is clicked once, it is replaced with the Kill Process button indicating that subsequent click will lead to force termination of the application, for example on Unix SIGKILL is sent.

Icons debugger restore layoutRestore LayoutClick this button to have the changes to the current layout abandoned and return to the default state.
Icons general pin tabPin TabClick this button to pin or unpin the current tab. You may need to pin a tab to prevent it from closing automatically when the maximum number of tabs is reached in this window.
the Close buttonClose
Click this button to close the selected tab of the Run tool window and terminate the current process.
Last modified: 08 March 2021