WebStorm 2021.1 Help


Use this page to customize inspection profiles, configure inspection severity levels, disable and enable inspections and configure inspections for different scopes.

Inspections Settings

Modified inspections are highlighted in blue.

Manage profiles

Profile list and the Settings icon

Select the name of the profile you want to configure.

Note that the selected profile is automatically used for project highlighting after clicking Apply.

Show Scheme Actions
  • Copy to IDE/ Copy to Project: create a copy of the selected profile on the project or global (IDE) level.

  • Duplicate: create a copy of the current profile.

  • Rename: rename the profile.

  • Delete: remove a profile. You can only delete custom profiles.

  • Add Description: write some description for the current profile. After you type the text, press Enter it, or Escape to discard.

  • Export: save the current profile to your computer as an XML file.

  • Import Profile: import a previously exported profile.


Inspections toolbar
Search HistorySearch through the list of inspections. Your search requests will be stored.
Filter Inspections

Show the list of available inspections filters.

To reset the applied filter, click the Filter Inspections icon and select the Reset Filter option from the list.

Expand All Ctrl+NumPad +

Collapse All Ctrl+NumPad -

Expand/collapse all inspections.
Reset to EmptyDisable all inspections.
Add Structural Search & Replace Inspection InsertAdd a Search Template or a Search and Replace Templates, see Create custom inspections.
Remove Structural Search & Inspection DeleteRemove the Search Template or the Search and Replace Templates.

Inspection severity and scopes

DescriptionThe description of the selected inspection.
Inspection severitySelect the severity level for the current inspection.

Select the scope of files to which you want to apply the current inspection.

Click Edit Scopes Order to switch to another dialog, where you can create a new scope or change the order of the existing scopes.


This area is only available for some types of inspections, provided that an inspection of this type is enabled (the checkbox next to it is selected). Use the controls in this area to re-configure the default inspection settings.

Last modified: 15 June 2021