WebStorm 2022.3 Help

Code Folding

Use this page to specify the default code folding settings. For shortcuts on how to expand or collapse code elements, refer to the code folding section.



Show code folding outline

Select this checkbox if you want the code folding toggles to be shown in the editor. Clear the checkbox to hide the toggles.

Fold by default

Select the code fragments which should be folded by default, that is, when a file is first opened in the editor.

  • File header

  • Imports

  • Documentation comments

  • Method bodies

  • Custom folding regions - code fragments within //<editor-fold desc="Description>//</editor-fold> or //region Description //endregion comments. Learn more from Custom folding regions.

  • Handlebars and Mustache blocks injections

  • JavaScript - language-specific code fragments in JavaScript and TypeScript

  • XML - language-specific code fragments in XML

Last modified: 22 July 2022