WebStorm 2020.3 Help


In the Diagrams menu, you can configure the default visibility settings and layout for diagrams.


Item Description
Default layout Select the desired layout from the Default layout list. Node elements in newly created diagrams will be arranged according to the selected layout.
Default scope Select scope from the Default scope list. Specifying a scope helps you avoid showing in diagram the unnecessary hierarchies. You can define scopes for your project in the Scopes page of the Settings Preferences dialog.
Fit content after layout If this checkbox is selected, then after applying a layout selected on the diagram context menu, all diagram elements will be resized to fit into the current diagram area. In diagram, use the the Fit Content icon toolbar button.
Do relayout when new elements were added If this checkbox is selected, diagram layout will be performed automatically after adding new elements.
Enable colors If this checkbox is selected, relationship links will be shown colored.
Last modified: 11 November 2020