WebStorm 2024.1 Help

Disable AI Assistant

You can restrict the use of AI Assistant if you do not want to share source code with third parties.

Disable AI Assistant for the current project

You can disable AI Assistant for the project that is currently open in your WebStorm.

  1. Click AI Assistant in the bottom-right corner.

  2. Select the Disable for This Project option.

    Option to disable AI Assistant for current project

Note that AI Assistant icons in the toolbars and AI actions in the context menu will still be visible, but not available.

Restrict usage of AI Assistant for a project

  • Create an empty file named .noai in the root directory of the project.

When this file is present, all AI Assistant features are fully disabled for the project. Even if this project is opened in another IDE, the AI Assistant features will not be available.

Note that this file affects only the JetBrains AI Assistant plugin and does not affect any third-party AI integration plugins for JetBrains IDEs or other tools that may send code to external LLMs (Large Language Model).

Permanently disable AI Assistant

To disable AI Assistant on the IDE level, you can disable the AI Assistant plugin.

  1. Click AI Assistant in the bottom-right corner.

    Disable AI Assistant for the current project: more settings
  2. Click More and select the Disable Permanently via Plugin option.

    Disable AI Assistant completely
  3. On the plugin's description pane that opens, click Disable and restart WebStorm.

    If the AI Assistant plugin description pane hasn't opened, you can search for the plugin's name in Settings | Plugins | Installed.

If you do not have the AI Assistant plugin installed, you may still see the installation tool window offering to install the plugin.

AI Assistant installation tool window

This tool window is not the AI Assistant plugin, and it has no access to your code.

AI Assistant will not be active and will not have access to your code unless you install the plugin, acquire a JetBrains AI Service license and give your explicit consent to JetBrains AI Terms of Service and JetBrains AI Acceptable Use Policy while installing the plugin.

You can hide this tool window by right-clicking AI Assistant icon and selecting Hide.

Last modified: 23 May 2024