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Networking in WebStorm

WebStorm requires Internet connection for a wide variety of tasks. For example:

  • Checking for WebStorm updates

  • Code inspections that can verify external resources

  • Communication with the version control servers, task servers

  • Anonymous usage statistics

  • Working with remote Node.js interpreters. See Node.js with Docker, Node.js via SFTP, Node.js via SSH, and Node.js with Vagrant for details.

Besides that, WebStorm provides IPC for commands (for example, open files), and the built-in Web server.

Some of the communication requirements are configurable:

  • To turn off checking for updates, open the Settings | Updates page, and clear the Check for updates in channel checkbox.

  • To disable code inspection that highlights dead links, open the Settings | Inspections page, and clear the checkbox to the left of the HTML inspection Non-existent web resources.

  • You can control the frequency of sending usage statistics, or even completely disable this function in the page Settings | Usage statistics.

Last modified: 17 September 2019

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