WebStorm 2024.1 Help

Prerequisites and limitations


Additional prerequisites for a remote dev container

The following is a list of additional prerequisites for running your dev container on a remote server:

  • Docker is installed on both the remote and local machines.

  • The authorization to a server and Git is done through SSH keys. If you connect to a remote server using a password, generate the key-pair locally and then forward it to a remote server. For more details, refer to Sharing credentials.

  • Some additional dependencies might be required for a dev container.

    If your dev container does not start, make sure you have the following dependencies in the OS of the dev container in the devcontainer.json file:

    • curl

    • unzip

    • ps

    • libxext

    • libxrender

    • libxtst

    • libxi

    • freetype

    • procps

    • gcompat

Dev Container limitations

  • Dev Containers on Windows are not supported.

  • For remote Dev Containers the password authentication is not supported.

Last modified: 26 May 2024