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File types

To view the list of file types recognized by WebStorm, in the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, go to | Editor | File Types. If a file in your project is marked with the Unknown file type icon, it indicates that WebStorm can't recognize it. In this case, you can register and configure a new file type.

File type settings

Icons in tool windows and structure views

Groovy.icons.groovy.abstractClass.svgAbstract class
function lambda pngFunction in Dart
variable.png Variable
property yellow pngParameter
xml element pngElement
folder pngDirectory
rootResource pngResource root
root Excluded pngExcluded
Visibility modifiers
private.png Private
protected.png Protected
public.png Public
bookmarkCheck pngAnonymous bookmark – a check sign bookmark. Bookmarks are used for quick navigation within a file or across the entire project.
bookmarkMnemonic pngLettered mnemonic bookmark – a letter in the interval from A to Z.
bookmarkNumber pngNumbered mnemonic bookmark – a number in the interval from 0 to 9.

Icons in the gutter



Has Subclasses
  • A class that has subclasses

  • A method that is overridden

Overrides Method A method that overrides a method in the superclass
Has Implementations An interface or its method that has implementations
Is an Implementation A method that implements an interface method
Is a recursive call A recursive function call
Run test Run or debug test
Test passed The test passed successfully
Test failed The test failed, rerun
Last modified: 13 October 2020