Writerside Help

Customize the footer

Writerside lets you customize the footer to improve navigation to product-related resources and make your documentation website more visually appealing.

You can add links to social media and other resources, copyright information, and legal notice.

  1. Go to the Project tool window (press Alt+1 to open) and create the /cfg/buildprofiles.xml file with the following contents.

    <buildprofiles xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="https://resources.jetbrains.com/writerside/1.0/build-profiles.xsd" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <variables> </variables> <build-profile instance="instance_id"/> <footer> </footer> </buildprofiles>
  2. Place any of the elements from the list below inside the <footer> tag. All tags are optional.


    Copyright information. You can put a company or a legal entity name with a year or a range of years. It is displayed as Copyright © <your text>

    <copyright>Company 2000-2023</copyright>

    Information about Internet Content Provider license. It is displayed as Shanghai ICP <your text>


    A link to the social media resource, it is displayed with a corresponding icon. Use the type attribute to specify a social media name, for example, twitter. Use the href attribute to specify a URL.

    <social type="twitter" href="https://twitter.com/onwriterside"/>

    Link to an external resource, for example, the support forum, terms and conditions, or a licensing policy. The text you put inside the tag will serve as the title. Use the href attribute to specify the URL.

    <link href="https://blog.jetbrains.com">Blog</link> <link href="https://slack.jetbrains.com">Slack community</link>


This is how the footer looks without any of the optional elements.

An empty footer example

This is how it looks with just the copyright and two social links.

A footer example
<footer> <copyright>Product 2023</copyright> <social type="blog" href=""></social> <social type="twitter" href=""></social> </footer>

This is how it looks with all possible elements.

A footer example
<footer> <copyright>Product 2000-2023</copyright> <icp>123456789</icp> <social type="blog" href="link to a blog"></social> <social type="twitter" href="link to a Twitter account"></social> <social type="facebook" href="link to a Facebook account"></social> <link href="https://slack.example.com">Slack community</link> <link href="https://stackoverflow.com">StackOverflow</link> <link href="https://example.com/terms-an-conditions.html">Terms and conditions</link> <link href="https://example.com/code-of-conduct.html">Code of Conduct</link> </footer>
Last modified: 28 July 2023