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Remove topics

When you remove a topic from an instance or delete a topic file completely, you need to make sure this does not break anything. Writerside provides a safe way to remove a topic by analyzing where it is used and notifying you about all usages. It can even automatically remove references and add redirects.

Here are the things to consider:

  • Check all references from other topics and remove or update them.

  • If you want to delete the topic file, check all .tree files and remove all <toc-element> references to this topic.

  • Check that this topic does not contain content snippets that are reused in other topics through includes.

  • Add redirects from the web page produced by the topic to another topic so that users do not get the 404 error when they use the old link.

Remove a topic from an instance

  1. With the necessary instance selected in the Writerside tool window, right-click the topic you want to remove and select Remove TOC Element or press Delete.

  2. In the Remove TOC Element dialog, select the Set redirect to option and choose another topic from the list. This will create a redirect from the web page used by the removed topic to the selected topic.

    Remove TOC element dialog
  3. If you select Update usages automatically and click Remove, Writerside will get rid of all references to the topic in the current instance, which may result in some dangling phrases.

    Instead, you can click Review Usages to open the Find tool window and look through all places where the topic is used: added in a tree file, referenced via a link, or some content from it is included elsewhere.

    Manually update all usages and click Do Refactor.

  4. If the topic that you removed from the instance is no longer used anywhere else after refactoring, Writerside will suggest removing the topic file. Click Delete Topic File if you are sure you no longer need this content. Otherwise, the orphan topic file will remain, and you will be able to add it to another instance in the future.

Remove topic file

  1. Find the topic file in the Project tool window.

    With the topic open in the editor, click Select Opened File in the Project tool window.

  2. Right-click the topic file and select Refactor | Safe Delete or press Delete.

  3. In the Delete dialog, make sure that Safe Delete is selected and click OK.

  4. If Writerside detects any usages of this topic file, review and update them accordingly.

Last modified: 21 June 2024