Writerside Help

Export to PDF

Writerside can generate a PDF from your documentation sources. The PDF will contain a table of contents with the page numbers and an optional cover page. It can also have some custom text in the header and footer of every page.

  1. In the Writerside tool window, click Export To Export To and then select PDF.

    Export to PDF
  2. In the Edit Configurations Settings dialog, you can change the following settings:


    Specify a meaningful name to differentiate between several configurations if you have more than one.


    Select the instance. By default, the configuration will produce a PDF for the instance selected in the Writerside tool window.

    Save to

    Specify the directory where you want to save the generated PDF. By default, it will be saved to the root of your documentation project.


    If you have several keymaps defined, select the one that will be used in this PDF.


    Select between Portrait and Landscape page orientation.

    Cover page

    Add a cover page to the PDF output. Without it, the PDF will start with the table of contents as the first page. On the cover page, you can add a title, logo image, description, and a copyright.


    Specify the text that will be used in the header of every page.


    Specify the text that will be used in the footer of every page.

    Run configuration for generating PDF from instance
  3. Click Run to start this run configuration.

  4. After a successful build, check the output for errors and warnings in the Run tool window. If everything is fine, you will see links to the generated HTML and PDF files.

You can create multiple run configurations to quickly generate PDFs for various instances or the same instance with different keymaps, headers, and footers.

Run them from the configurations widget in the main toolbar:

Run configurations widget

Add more run configurations

  1. Click Edit Configurations in the main toolbar widget or select Run | Edit Configurations from the main menu.

  2. In the Run/Debug Configurations dialog, click Add New Configuration Add New Configuration and add a new Writerside configuration.

Last modified: 13 June 2024