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As the documentation project grows and you make more topics, assets and reusable snippets it may slow down the authoring and maintenance process.

This article shows you a few handy features that help navigating around documentation project quickly and efficiently.

Use breadcrumbs

In most cases, you can use breadcrumbs to track and navigate through the currently opened document structure. By default, breadcrumbs are enabled and displayed at the bottom of the editor.

To enable/disable breadcrumbs for certain file formats, go to Settings/Preferences | Editor | General | Breadcrumbs.

Access a structure view

Open the Structure view or a separate File structure popup to display the document structure by headings or other structural elements and jump between them.

Go to View | Tool Windows | Structure or press Alt+7 to display the tool window or Ctrl+F12 to open the File Structure popup.

Go to Declaration/Usage

To navigate to the included snippet, image or link origin, press Ctrl+B or Ctrl+Click.

Navigate between errors

To navigate between errors and warnings press F2 for the next or Shift+F2 for the previous one.

Jump to a certain line

You can search for a certain line and navigate by pressing Ctrl+G and then typing the line number.

Navigate recent locations and changes

You can move back and forth through the project's locations using the following functions:

  • Ctrl+E to quickly find a file that you have opened recently. Use the same shortcut again to display the changed files only.

  • Ctrl+Shift+E to see the latest visited locations in files. Here you can type your search query to find the exact word, phrase, or markup element you've been editing.

  • Ctrl+Shift+Backspace to navigate to the last edited text fragment.

Last modified: 20 November 2023