Writerside Help

Offline documentation

By default, Writerside produces a help website that relies on certain external resources, such as the frontend application, styles, fonts, and favicons. If you want to produce a self-contained help website that can be used in an isolated environment with no internet access, enable the Offline artifact option when creating a new instance.

Bundle resources with instance

If you already have a documentation instance and want to make it suitable for offline use, do the following:

  1. In the Writerside tool window, right-click an instance and select Edit. .

  2. In the Edit Instance dialog, select Offline artifact and click OK.

This option controls the <offline-docs> variable in buildprofiles.xml. By default, if the variable is not present, Writerside does not bundle external resources. You can manually enable the generation of a self-contained artifact by adding the variable globally for all instances or for a specific one:

<build-profile instance="foo"> <variables> <offline-docs>true</offline-docs> </variables> </build-profile>
Last modified: 23 May 2024