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PlantUML diagrams

Writerside supports adding diagrams using PlantUML. Besides various UML diagrams, you can visualize JSON and YAML, create Gantt charts and mind maps, and many other types of diagrams.

To add a PlantUML diagram, use a code block with the language set to plantuml:

<code-block lang="plantuml"> @startuml Bob->Alice : Hello! @enduml </code-block>
```plantuml @startuml Bob->Alice : Hello! @enduml ```

The result will look as follows:



Here are a couple of examples:

Class diagram

Userid : INTEGERother_id : INTEGEREmailid : INTEGERuser_id : INTEGERaddress : INTEGER
@startuml left to right direction class User { id : INTEGER .. other_id : INTEGER } class Email { id : INTEGER .. user_id : INTEGER address : INTEGER } User::id *-- Email::user_id @enduml

For more examples of class diagrams, see https://plantuml.com/class-diagram

Use case diagram

User«Human»Main Database«Application»«One Shot»Start«Main»Use the application
@startuml User << Human >> :Main Database: as MySql << Application >> (Start) << One Shot >> (Use the application) as (Use) << Main >> User -> (Start) User --> (Use) MySql --> (Use) @enduml

For more examples of use case diagrams, see https://plantuml.com/use-case-diagram

JSON data

fruitApplesizeLargecolor   RedGreen
@startjson { "fruit":"Apple", "size":"Large", "color": ["Red", "Green"] } @endjson

For more examples of JSON data diagrams, see https://plantuml.com/json

Gantt chart

123456789101112131415Prototype designTest prototypeAll exampleTask 1 (1 day)T2 (5 days)T3 (1 week)T4 (1 week and 4 days)T5 (2 weeks)123456789101112131415
@startgantt [Prototype design] requires 15 days [Test prototype] requires 10 days -- All example -- [Task 1 (1 day)] requires 1 day [T2 (5 days)] requires 5 days [T3 (1 week)] requires 1 week [T4 (1 week and 4 days)] requires 1 week and 4 days [T5 (2 weeks)] requires 2 weeks @endgantt

For more examples of Gantt charts, see https://plantuml.com/gantt-diagram

Mind map

root nodesome first level nodesecond level nodeanother second level nodeanother first level node
@startmindmap * root node * some first level node * second level node * another second level node * another first level node @endmindmap

For more examples of mind maps, see https://plantuml.com/mindmap-diagram


Here are some possible issues that you might encounter and how to fix them:

Cannot find Graphviz

In the rendered output, you see the following message:

Dot Executable: /opt/local/bin/dot Dot executable does not exist Cannot find Graphviz. You should try @startuml testdot @enduml or java -jar plantuml.jar -testdot

PlantUML uses Graphviz/DOT to compute node positioning for some UML diagrams. If you see the previous message in your rendered output, it means that the machine where you are building the topic files does not have Graphviz.

Install Graphviz as described in the installation guide.

Syntax Error

For XML topics or when using semantic code blocks in MD topics, make sure there are no < and > characters in the PlantUML code. You can either wrap the whole contents of the code block in a CDATA section to interpret it literally or use character references: &lt; and &gt;.

<code-block lang="plantuml"> @startuml User << Human >> @enduml </code-block>
<code-block lang="plantuml"> <![CDATA[ @startuml User << Human >> @enduml ]]> </code-block>
<code-block lang="plantuml"> @startuml User &lt;&lt; Human &gt;&gt; @enduml </code-block>
No variables

By default, Writerside ignores variables in PlantUML code and renders them literally. If you want to add something like a version via a variable defined in your project, set ignore-vars="false".

<var name="v1" value="1.0"/> <var name="v2" value="2.0"/> <code-block lang="plantuml"> @startuml [Component] --> "Interface %v1%" [Component] --> "Interface %v2%" @enduml </code-block>
ComponentInterface %v1%Interface %v2%
<var name="v1" value="1.0"/> <var name="v2" value="2.0"/> <code-block lang="plantuml" ignore-vars="false"> @startuml [Component] --> "Interface %v1%" [Component] --> "Interface %v2%" @enduml </code-block>
ComponentInterface 1.0Interface 2.0
Last modified: 18 July 2024