Writerside Help

Save topic as template

In Writerside you can turn any topic into a template to use it repeatedly so that some particular type of docs will have a consistent structure throughout the help, for example, this is handy for common types of docs or for repetitive content, like tables with parameters.

Topic templates can be both .md and .topic and contain everything that a topic can contain.

  • Right-click the necessary topic in the Writerside tool window and select Create Template from Topic.

A template will be created and appear in the topic templates list. Now you can customize it if needed.

Customize a template

  1. In the TOC area of the Writerside tool window, select the node to which you want to add the new topic and click Add or press Alt+Insert.

  2. Select Topic from Template | Customize templates. You will be transferred to Settings/Preferences| Editor | File and Code templates.

  3. On the Files tab, find the template you want to customize and change its contents.

  4. Click OK.

Last modified: 23 May 2024