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TLDR blocks

Use a TLDR block to provide a list of quick facts about the content of a topic or chapter. This way you can give your readers some basic information to start using and exploring a feature on their own without having to read the detailed description.

Add the <tldr> element inside a topic or chapter and wrap each fact with <p>. For example, the TLDR block below the title of this topic is rendered from the following markup:

<tldr> <p>Shortcut: <shortcut>Ctrl+Space</shortcut></p> <p>Configure: <ui-path>Settings / Preferences | Editor | Code Completion</ui-path></p> </tldr>

A topic or chapter can have only one TLDR block. You can specify things such as the main shortcut, command syntax, action name, or the location of the settings relevant for the described feature. Do not overuse TLDR blocks: keep facts brief but actionable, and try not to add more than three. They are most valuable to users who do not want to read, but prefer to try things themselves, which is why the value of a TLDR block with many long facts decreases.

Last modified: 23 May 2024