YouTrack Cloud 2023.2 Help

Audit Events

Events related to entities that are managed by the Hub service — creating, deleting, updating a user account, project, service, and so on — are logged and stored. A list of changes applied to issues and articles are available directly in the activity stream for each of these entities and are not shown on the Audit Events page.

To review a list of updates, open the Administration menu and select Server Settings > Audit Events. The target links provide access to the entities that are managed in Hub.

Audit events

You can also download information about any event as a JSON file for further investigation. Select one or more events in the list and click the Download as .json button.

This operation downloads the 1000 most recent events. If the JSON file doesn't include all the information you're looking for:

  • Filter the list of audit events to exclude activity that isn't relevant to your investigation.

  • Use the Hub REST API to retrieve events over the 1000-item cap.

Last modified: 23 November 2023