YouTrack Cloud 2024.1 Help

Manage or Restore the Default Administrator Account

This page provides instructions for managing the default admin user account.

Reset the Default Administrator Account

When a new YouTrack Cloud instance is created for the first time, you set the username and password for the default administrator account. This account is assigned the System Admin role in the Global project.

If you forget the credentials for the default administrator account, or have inherited an installation configured by another administrator, you can request to reset the default system administrator account and its password.

Create a support ticket with the request to reset the default admin user account, and YouTrack support engineers will help you to restore the access for the default administrator account.

You can also use this procedure when two-factor authentication is enabled and the default administrator no longer has access to the authentication app that is paired with the account. Resetting the default administrator account to its default state also disables two-factor authentication.

Last modified: 04 May 2024