YouTrack Cloud 2024.2 Help

Clone an Agile Board

The Clone operation lets you create a new agile board without having to configure it from scratch. Once you have cloned an agile board, you can edit the settings for the cloned board independently from the original board.

The option that lets you clone an agile board is only visible on the General tab of the settings panel for the board. This means that you can only perform this operation under one of the following conditions:

  • You are a member of a group that has permission to edit the board settings.

  • You have low-level administration permission (either read or write).

If you want to clone an agile board, but don't have access to its settings, contact the board's owner and ask that they clone it for you. The owner can then transfer ownership of the cloned board to your user account.

The settings for the new board are copied from the original board, with the following exceptions:

  • The Name is set to <cloned board name>-copy.

  • The board owner is set to the user who performs the clone operation.

To clone an agile board:

  1. Open the agile board that you want to clone.

  2. Click the Board settings button in the toolbar.

    • The Board Settings panel opens to the General tab.

    clone agile board
  3. Click the Clone board button.

    • The current agile board is cloned.

Last modified: 16 July 2024