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Generate an Issue Template URL

We see you there, face in palm, asking yourself "How could this person possibly forget to assign this issue to a product?" We know this because we've experienced this ourselves. The values that we set for specific custom fields are tied to our working assignments and product release cycles. However, users who aren't members of our development team don't recognize the importance of these fields or are not aware of their use, and leave them empty. Wouldn't it be nice if they everyone created issues and provided all the required information?

If you find yourself in a situation where you would like to provide users with a predefined template for creating issues, you're in luck. In the Show more menu of a new issue page, select Copy issue template URL.

Link for generating an issue template URL.

This feature lets you set the custom fields and provide instructions for entering the issue description, then generate a link that stores this information. You can forward this link to a customer or colleague, post it on your website, or simply bookmark it for personal use.

The link opens the New Issue page with values set for all the custom fields and issue properties that were set at the moment the URL was generated.

To generate an issue template URL:

  1. Click the Issues link in the application header.

  2. Click the New Issue button in the header.

  3. Enter a default summary and description.

  4. Select the default values for the custom fields that you want to predefine for new issues.

  5. If desired, set the issue visibility.

    The steps for generating an issue template URL.
  6. Open the Show more menu and select Copy issue template URL.

    • The URL is automatically copied to your clipboard.

    A tooltip that displays an issue template URL.

Once you have generated the issue template URL, share it as you see fit. For example, you can paste the URL into an article in your knowledge base that tells your teammates how to report issues in your project.

When a user who has permission to create issues in the project that is defined in the issue template URL clicks this link, the issue template is loaded into the New Issue page.

Edit an Issue Template URL

All the information for the issue template is located in the URL. If you need to edit a template, update the issue template and again select Copy issue template URL from the Show more menu. Let the update be known to those you have shared the template URL to replace the outdated template URL with the edited template URL.

Last modified: 16 July 2024