YouTrack Cloud 2023.2 Help

Getting Help

The Help menu in YouTrack gives you direct access to resources that are designed to answer your questions about the product and get the most from the application. By familiarizing yourself with the resources available to you, you'll know exactly where to go for help when you need it.

To access the Help menu, click the corresponding icon in the application header.

Help menu in YouTrack.

Keyboard Shortcuts

YouTrack supports keyboard-centric navigation through the most frequently used views in the application. Different sets of shortcuts are available in the Issues list, single issue view, agile boards, and dashboards.

To view a list of shortcuts that are available in the current view, select Keyboard Shortcuts from the Help menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts from Help menu.

We also publish a complete list of keyboard shortcuts in PDF format, so you can print it out and keep on your desk for reference. There are separate references for Windows/Linux and macOS.

Markdown Reference

YouTrack lets you format content using Markdown syntax. If you want to see a list of supported formatting options for your markup language of choice, select Markdown Reference from the Help menu. This opens the YouTrack Markdown Reference in a new browser tab.

The Markdown reference page from the Help menu.

This page contains a list of supported formatting options for Markdown. The second column displays a preview for the corresponding style.

When you click an item in the Formatting column, the example is copied to the Sandbox section of the page. Here, you can experiment with additional formatting options. When you're satisfied with the result, copy the content with markup from the sandbox and paste it into an issue or article.

Tips for New Users

Starting from version 2020.3, YouTrack automatically shows a collection of onboarding tips to newly registered users. These little hints help you find your way around as you start to work with the application. Hints are shown for the Issues list, in single issue view, and on agile boards.

Tips for New Users in single issue view.
Tips for New Users in single issue view.

Once you're more familiar with the application, you can hide the tips. This gives you more space on the page for managing issues.

If you want to review these tips later, select Tips for New Users from the Help menu.

This option is also available to users who registered their accounts before the tips were added to the user interface. This lets experienced users encounter lesser-known features that they may have overlooked.


The YouTrack team publishes answers to frequently asked questions on various topics to our support portal. YouTrack users and our support staff can engage each other in discussions related to each topic.

If you have a question about YouTrack, you may be able to find an answer immediately without waiting for a response from customer support. To access these articles, select FAQ from the Help menu.


This link provides direct access to the documentation pages that you're reading right now. This online help is the most important source of information about YouTrack.

To access the documentation from YouTrack, open the Help menu and select Documentation.

Video Demos

For people who prefer images to text, we produce video demos that show you how to work with YouTrack in real time. These videos are arranged in playlists that focus on different topics and themes.

To access these demos, select Video Demos from the Help menu.

Service Status

This menu item provides direct access to the YouTrack Cloud Service Status page. This page displays the current and historical availability for our YouTrack service that is hosted by JetBrains in the cloud.

If you're unable to access your YouTrack Cloud instance at any given point in time, this page will help you determine whether you're experiencing problems with your connection to the internet or the service is currently unavailable.

Maintenance Calendar

This link points to a copy of the YouTrack Cloud Maintenance Calendar that is hosted here in our YouTrack documentation. This calendar provides a schedule of maintenance downtime and other YouTrack events, including new version releases and upgrades.

For more information about this calendar, see Maintenance Calendar.


The Support option in the Help menu provides direct access to our online support portal. This portal contains links to support resources, including our public issue tracker, the community forum, and more. You'll also find a collection of articles related to various topics in our knowledge base.

If you still don't find an answer to your question after browsing this content, click the Submit a Request button in the header and describe your situation to our customer support team.

The support portal also provides general information about our support policies, availability, and service level agreements (SLAs). For details, see Support Workflow and Response Time SLA.

Last modified: 28 September 2023