YouTrack Cloud 2024.2 Help


Timesheets are data tables that you can use to track work activity for yourself and other members of your team. Using timesheets can help you record the amount of time spent working on specific projects or for different clients. You can also track and measure different activities by the type of work performed.

You can use timesheets to manage activity in any project. However, timesheets can be especially useful for freelancers and agencies that perform work for various clients.

The Timesheets area in YouTrack is divided into two sections that help you view and analyze time tracking data in different ways.

  • The People tab lets you view work performed by you and other users in an interactive calendar.

  • The Projects tab lets you create separate views for displaying work performed by various teams in one or more projects.

  • The Workgroups tab lets you view work performed by members of a user group presented in an interactive calendar.

Each view can be fully customized to show issues and activities that are relevant to your needs and interests.

Last modified: 19 July 2024