Developer Portal for YouTrack and Hub 2021.1 Help

Developer Portal

Dear friend, welcome to YouTrack and Hub Developers Portal!

Here, you can find reference materials to help you develop apps, workflows, scripts, and widgets.



Authentication and Authorization

In this section you will find everything you need to know to log in to YouTrack or any Hub-connected service. Depending on whether you have a YouTrack service with bundled Hub or you have a team tool that uses external standalone Hub, use respective sub-section:


Learn everything you need to know to perform programmatically various actions in YouTrack.

YouTrack Workflows

In this section, you will learn how to write workflows in YouTrack.

Workflows in YouTrack let you customize and automate the lifecycle of issues in your project. With workflows, you can easily notify teams about events, enforce policies, execute periodic tasks, and support existing business processes.


JetBrains Hub is a web-based application that provides authentication, authorization, and access management for YouTrack and any other service that is connected to it. No matter whether you develop an application, or a widget, or a workflow. You will need to use Hub to log in to YouTrack, or support any operations related to user and group access (group memberships, roles, permissions, and so on).

Widget Development Guide

This section will help you write a custom widget for Youtrack.

Custom widgets are miniature application views that can you can embed in a YouTrack dashboard. You can build a widget that lets you view and interact with any application that is part of your software ecosystem, including custom views for YouTrack data and information that is stored in your built-in Hub service.

Last modified: 8 April 2021