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Localizing Workflow Messages

The language setting for your YouTrack server is set system-wide. When you write workflow rules that include notifications and messages, enter the text in the language that is used for your system.

The default workflows that are bundled with YouTrack are localized in all supported languages. These workflows use the i18n function to create a localized text string. This function references the source string and returns a localized string based on the default language that is used in the system.

This function only works with strings that have been localized for default workflows. If you want to modify the text that is used in a default workflow, remove the workflow.i18n function and replace the source text string with a static string literal in the desired language. This removes the reference that displays the localized string and lets you set the text directly.

Here's a sample from the Due Date default workflow. Localized versions of the message that is used in this rule are available in all of the default languages that are supported in YouTrack.

action: (ctx) => { ctx.issue.fields.required(ctx.DueDate, workflow.i18n('You must set the Due date!')); },

Let's assume that your system language is French and you would like your message to be a little more polite. You can customize the notification that is displayed for the required field as follows:

action: (ctx) => { ctx.issue.fields.required(ctx.DueDate, ('S\'il vous plaît préciser la date d\'échéance')); },
Last modified: 30 April 2024