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OpenAPI Specification (OAS)

We're using Swagger to generate and publish an OpenAPI Specification (OAS) document for the YouTrack REST API. This richly annotated OAS 3.0 definition is produced in JSON format. This artifact is designed to be fed into interactive API consoles and used to build client libraries for developing external applications that integrate with YouTrack.

The OAS 3.0 definition is compatible with tools like Swagger, Open API Generator, and Postman. These tools give you the ability to work with the API in different ways:

  • Interact with the API in a sandbox UI that helps you understand how the API responds to different parameters and options.

  • View and test each resource before using it in your codebase.

  • Generate client libraries in your preferred programming language.

Accessing the OpenAPI Specification

The OAS 3.0 definition is published to the following web address:

<YouTrack Service URL>/api/openapi.json

The <YouTrack Service URL> is the base URL of the YouTrack service in your network environment.

For example, your company has a proprietary domain with the address You can configure YouTrack to be accessible from an address like or

For YouTrack Cloud instances hosted on, the base URL includes the trailing path /youtrack. For example,

In any case, all you need to do to access the OpenAPI Specification is add /api/openapi.json to whichever address is set up as the base URL for your YouTrack service.

Last modified: 15 November 2023