YouTrack InCloud 2017.1 Help

Database Export

Just like in the standalone version, YouTrack InCloud uses its own in-process database.

On the hosted instance, you cannot configure the database location or restore your instance from a backup file. These operations are managed by the JetBrains YouTrack team.

However, you can create a backup of your database and export it (download the backup file) to your local machine in case you want to use the same data in a standalone YouTrack instance or for troubleshooting purposes.

Export the Database

To access database controls, select Database Export from the administration menu.


Specifically, you can create database backup file for exporting or update the existing file. Unlike the standalone version, in the hosted YouTrack you can store only one, the most recent database backup.

There are several things to take note of regarding YouTrack database export:

  • YouTrack automatically switches database to read-only mode after you have launched database backup.
  • You cannot cancel database backup once it has started.
  • Users are not able to access YouTrack during database backup, so be sure to back up wisely.

Use a YouTrack InCloud Database in a Standalone Instance

To restore the database successfully, the version of the backed up database should be the same or older than the version of YouTrack to which you restore this database.

To restore the database from a backup:

  1. If needed, create a new database backup manually, by clicking the Backup database now link.
  2. Download a backup tar.gz file.
  3. Stop the YouTrack Standalone server.
  4. Extract the downloaded backup file to the database location for YouTrack Standalone.
  5. Start your standalone YouTrack instance.
Last modified: 18 April 2017