YouTrack InCloud 2017.1 Help


If you need to modify the saved search that you use as the backlog, you can do it either in the standard way from the issues list, or you can adjust the backlog search query right on the board. We would recommend to use the latter as in YouTrack 7.0 you can make it quickly and easily.

To modify the backlog search query on the board:

  1. Open a board. Click the /help/img/youtrack/2017.1/icon-tray.png button to open its backlog.
  2. Click the Edit link next to the name of the backlog saved search. The link is only available if you have permissions to edit selected saved search.
    • The Edit saved search dialog is displayed.
  3. Configure any parameter that you require.
    NameThe name of the saved search.
    QueryThe saved search query.
    Can View and Use Saved SearchAll the members of the selected group can view the saved search results.
    Can Edit Saved SearchAll members of the selected group are allowed to edit the setting of the saved search.
    Send Notifications Options to enable notifications about the issues that match the saved search. Please note that these settings are applied only to the current user who edit the saved search.
  4. Click the Apply changes button to save the updated backlog.
    • The backlog search is updated and the list of cards displayed in the backlog sidebar is refreshed immediately. As the backlog in YouTrack 7.0 supports live update, then all users who currently view the backlog will see the changes immediately as well.

Choose Another Saved Search As the Backlog

You can use any saved search that is available for you as a backlog for your board.

To select another saved search as the backlog:

  1. Click the /help/img/youtrack/2017.1/icon-tray.png button to open the backlog.
  2. Click the name of the backlog and select any available saved search as the backlog from the displayed drop-down list.
Last modified: 18 April 2017