YouTrack InCloud 2017.1 Help

YouTrack InCloud Database Backups

Like the standalone version, YouTrack InCloud uses its own in-process database.

With a hosted instance, you cannot change the database location or restore your instance from a backup file. These operations are performed by the JetBrains YouTrack team. In the unlikely event that you need to restore your database from a backup, contact YouTrack InCloud support.

For each YouTrack InCloud instance, we automatically create and store the following database backups:

Backup type Number of stored backup files
Daily Seven daily backups
Weekly Four weekly backups
Monthly Twelve monthly backups

Database Export

In addition to an automatic backup, which is configured and maintained by the YouTrack team, you can create a backup copy of your database and download the archive to your local machine. Use this option when you want to import the data to a standalone YouTrack instance or for troubleshooting.

For more information, see Database Export.

Backup Policy for Inactive Instances

When your YouTrack license or subscription expires, your instance is considered inactive. JetBrains stores backup copies of inactive instances for six months. During this time, we can restore the data to another active instance or send a copy of the latest backup files upon request. After six months of inactivity, we delete all backups and release the domain without further notice.

Instances that use the free 10-user plan are monitored for activity on a regular basis. If there are no logins for registered user accounts for more than six months, the account is considered inactive and is scheduled for deletion. We notify the owner of the email account that registered the instance prior to deletion. Following this notification, we delete all backup copies of the database and release the domain name without further notice.

Once the database backups for an inactive instance have been deleted, it is no longer possible to restore the instance.

Last modified: 18 April 2017