YouTrack InCloud 2017.2 Help


One element of Requirements


id string optional id, used for Issue requirements instead of name.
inward string the inward name of the issue link type (equals outward name, if not set).
login string optional login, used for User requirements instead of name.
multi boolean optional flag, `false` by default. If `true`, a required field has to allow multiple values (if applicable).
name string optional field/entity name. If not provided, key for this requirement in Requirements object will be used.
outward string the outward name of the issue link type (is required for IssueLinkPrototype ).
type string, Object field type. Can be one of the following: Build .fieldType, OwnedField .fieldType, State .fieldType, EnumField .fieldType, ProjectVersion .fieldType, User .fieldType, UserGroup .fieldType, Field .dateType, Field .floatType, Field .integerType, Field .stringType, Field .periodType, User , UserGroup , Project , Issue , IssueTag , SavedQuery , IssueLinkPrototype .
Last modified: 9 August 2017