YouTrack InCloud 2017.3 Help

Domain Settings

This page describes the domain settings for your YouTrack InCloud instance. These settings are available in the Server Settings section of the Administration menu.

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HTTPS is available for everyone who uses YouTrack in the JetBrains cloud and enabled by default for new instances. If your subscription was created before December 2015, your instance may be configured to send data over HTTP. In this case, you have the option to change the base URL and enable access over HTTPS. For more information, see Enable HTTPS Access.

The settings on this page also let you configure YouTrack InCloud to use a custom domain name and support a secure connection to your custom domain over SSL. For more information, see Use a Custom Domain Name.

Base URLStores the base URL of your YouTrack InCloud instance. This is the URL that is used to access YouTrack in a web browser.
HTTPS onlyRestricts access to your YouTrack InCloud instance to HTTPS. Enable this setting to block unsecured connections over HTTP.
Private keyStores the private key that corresponds with the SSL certificate for your secure domain.
CertificatesStores the SSL certificates for your secure domain. To store a chain of trusted certificates, enter them sequentially with each certificate starting on a new line.
Last modified: 17 November 2017