YouTrack InCloud 2017.3 Help

Make Users See Only Their Own Submitted Issues

Use case:

We want to set up so issue reporters can only see their own submitted issues. Is that possible and how can we do that?


Set up YouTrack so that users only see the issues they created.

To set up YouTrack to allow users to see only the issues that they created:

  1. Detach all currently assigned roles from the All users group (so by default any user won't inherit permission to view other's issues from this group).
  2. Create a new user role, e.g. "New reporters", and exclude the "Read issue" permission. This is the vital point: By excluding permission to view issues in a project, you actually limit a users to view only those issues that they created, and no others. All other permissions in the "New reporters" group may be left enabled. However, to be able to create issues, with attachments/screenshots, and to add and view comments from other users to the issues they create, the following permissions must be enabled:
    • Create issue
    • Create comment
    • Read comment
  3. Create a group for new reporters (e.g. New reporters), make it auto-attached, and assign it the "New reporters" role only.
  4. Make this group the only auto-attached group in the system. (e.g. if you have the default New Users group, make it not aut-attached).

Alternative — instead of creating of a new group (step 3), change the roles of the New users group, for example. But please note that this change will affect all users that are already members of this group.

Result: new users in the system become reporters that can create issues, but view only the issues they submitted.

Last modified: 17 November 2017