YouTrack InCloud 2017.3 Help

Migrate From YouTrack to YouTrack

If you want to migrate issues between different types of YouTrack servers, the following options are available:

Migrate from Standalone to InCloudMigrate from a self-hosted YouTrack Standalone server to a YouTrack InCloud instance hosted by JetBrains.
Migrate from InCloud to StandaloneMigrate from a YouTrack InCloud instance that is hosted by JetBrains to a self-hosted YouTrack Standalone server.
Import Issues from Another YouTrack ServerImport single issues or entire projects from one YouTrack server to another.

If you want to migrate issues between two YouTrack servers of the same type, use this option instead:

  • If you want to move issues from one InCloud instance to another, send a support request. The YouTrack InCloud support team can migrate the database from your old InCloud instance to your new domain.
Last modified: 17 November 2017