YouTrack InCloud 2017.3 Help

Troubleshooting Workflows

If you encounter problems when writing workflows or attaching workflows to projects, review the following list of conditions to determine how to resolve the situation.

ConditionYou can't create an action rule. YouTrack returns the error Action rule can't have same event name as another action rule.
CauseThe name of the action rule matches an existing command. The name of the action rule is assigned to the command that runs the rule. Commands must be unique per server.
SolutionUse another name for your action rule.
ConditionThe workflow rule throws an error for a missing issue field, but the requires setup flag is not displayed in the workflows list.
CauseThe field is not added to the requirements section.
SolutionAdd the field to the requirements section.
CauseThe reference to the field in the requirements section is written in the wrong case.
SolutionWhile the administrative check for requirements in workflow scripts is case-insensitive, the workflow accesses the issue fields case-sensitively. Compare the name of the field on the Custom Fields page with the reference in the requirements section of the script. Update the reference in the requirements section to match the case that is used for the name of the custom field.
ConditionChanges have been applied to a custom script but the behavior is not changed.
CauseCustom scripts are only reloaded when other scripts that reference them are updated or at application start.
SolutionMake a minor change in a script that references the custom script (for example, add new line) and save it.
Last modified: 17 November 2017