YouTrack InCloud 2017.4 Help

Export All Issues from a Project

GET /export/{project}/issues

Get all issues with comments from a project.

GET /rest/export/{project}/issues?{max}&{after}


projectprojectByIdThe ID of the project for which issues are exported.
maxintegerThe maximum number of issues to export. If empty, 10 issues are exported.

The maximum number of issues returned by this request is also affected by the value of the Max Issues to Export setting for your YouTrack service. This setting is located on the Global Settings page. For example, if you use the max=10000 parameter in the REST API request but the Max Issues to Export setting is limited to 5000 issues, the response returns a maximum of 5000 issues.

afterintegerThe number of issues to skip before collecting the list of issues to export.



GET /rest/export/TP/issues


<issues> <issue> <comment created="1277899067543" text="is it something wrong?" author="root"/> <field name="numberInProject"><value>0</value></field> <field name="summary"><value>susjs</value></field> <field name="priority"><value>1</value></field> <field name="description"><value>at at line 12</value></field> <field name="created"><value>1277392628191</value></field> <field name="updated"><value>1277399118476</value></field> <field name="reporterName"><value>root</value></field> <field name="updaterName"><value>root</value></field> <field name="state"><value>Submitted</value></field> <field name="subsystem"><value>No subsystem</value></field> <field name="fixedInBuild"><value>Next build</value></field> <field name="permittedGroup"><value>All Users</value></field> </issue> </issues>
Last modified: 28 February 2018