YouTrack InCloud 2017.4 Help

Get Issues in a Project

GET /issue/byproject/{project}

Get all issues by project

GET /rest/issue/byproject/{project}?{filter}&{after}&{max}&{updatedAfter}&{wikifyDescription}

Request parameters:

projectprojectByIdForIssuesProjectID of a project to get issues from.
filterstringApply a filter to issues in a project.
afterintegerA number of issues to skip before getting a list of issues. That is, when you specify, for example, after=12 in request, then in the response you will get all issues matching request but without first twelve issues found.
maxintegerThe maximum number of issues to include in the result. If empty, 10 issues are returned.

The maximum number of issues returned by this request is also affected by the value of the Max Issues to Export setting for your YouTrack service. This setting is located on the Global Settings page. For example, if you use the max=10000 parameter in the REST API request but the Max Issues to Export setting is limited to 5000 issues, the response returns a maximum of 5000 issues.

updatedAfterlongFilter issues by the date of the most recent update. Only issues that have been updated after the specified date are returned.
wikifyDescriptionbooleanOptional. If 'true', the issue description in the response is formatted (that is: "wikified"). For example, the request URL with this parameter should look as follows: "/rest/issue/jt-23?wikifyDescription=true". By default, this parameter is 'false' and skipped in the URL.

Response parameters:
For information about meaning of tags in response, see the description for the Get an Issue method.



GET http://localhost:8081/rest/issue/byproject/TST?filter=%23Show-stopper Cookie: $Version=0; JSESSIONID=peji4aw1vkkj1fvtm9vev8hnh; $Path=/;; $Path=/


HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: application/xml;charset=UTF-8 Content-Length: 1364 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <issues> <issue id="TST-2"> <field name="attachments"> <value url="/_persistent/;v=0&amp;c=true"></value> <value url="/_persistent/;v=0&amp;c=true"></value> <value url="/_persistent/;v=0&amp;c=true"></value> </field> <field name="Priority"> <value>Show-stopper</value> </field> <field name="Type"> <value>Feature</value> </field> <field name="State"> <value>Reopened</value> </field> <field name="Assignee"> <value>beto</value> </field> <field name="Subsystem"> <value>UI</value> </field> <field name="Affected versions"> <value>2.0.1</value> </field> <field name="Fix versions"> <value>2.0.1</value> </field> <field name="projectShortName"> <value>TST</value> </field> <field name="numberInProject"> <value>2</value> </field> <field name="summary"> <value>new issue</value> </field> <field name="description"> <value>description of new issue</value> </field> <field name="created"> <value>1320664502969</value> </field> <field name="updated"> <value>1320664503229</value> </field> <field name="updaterName"> <value>app_exception</value> </field> <field name="reporterName"> <value>app_exception</value> </field> <field name="commentsCount"> <value>0</value> </field> <field name="votes"> <value>0</value> </field> </issue> </issues>
Last modified: 28 February 2018