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Clone Issues

Cloning issues lets you create a perfect copy of an issue (or several issues at once) in a matter of a seconds. When you create a copy, just make the necessary alterations. For example, you can change the description and select a different priority.

While cloning an issue, YouTrack creates a perfect copy of the selected issue in the same project with a new issue ID. The following attributes are set automatically:

  • The issue reporter is set to the current user.

  • All tags except for the Star tag are copied.

  • Links and attachments are copied to the new issue.

  • Votes, watchers and comments are not copied in the new issue.

To clone an issue:

  1. In the Issues list, select one or more issues that you want to clone.

  2. Press Ctrl + Alt + J or start typing the command to open the Apply Command dialog.

  3. Enter the command clone.
    • That's it. The selected issues are cloned in the same project.

You can also click the Show more button in toolbar and select the Clone Issue option.

Clone issue
Last modified: 8 March 2019