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Link Issues in VCS Commits

Software development teams often apply changes to the application code in response to an issue. These updates are usually applied in a version control system, or VCS. When you commit code to a VCS repository, you have the option to add a comment to the commit that explains what you changed and why.

If your YouTrack server is integrated with a VCS repository, you can reference issues in your VCS commit comments. These references are transformed into links that point from the repository, build, or commit to the issue in YouTrack. This feature is supported by the following integrations:

Build Server Integrations

When your YouTrack server is integrated with TeamCity, you can reference issues when you commit changes to the version control system that is attached to your build server. To reference an issue, simply mention the issue ID in your comment. For example, fixed YP-2046.

TeamCity transforms the issue ID into a link to the corresponding YouTrack issue. When you move the pointer over the down arrow icon after the issue ID, a tooltip displays the issue summary and key fields:

Vcs commits tc

In YouTrack, a link to the Change details page in TeamCity is added to the issue. All related commits are displayed in the activity stream.

Vcs changes team city

VCS Integrations

A direct integration with a version control system lets you create links in the following ways:

  • Reference YouTrack issues in your commit messages to create links from the VCS to YouTrack.

  • Paste commit hashes into an issue summary, description, comment, or string-type custom field to create links from YouTrack to the VCS.

Last modified: 8 March 2019

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