YouTrack InCloud 2019.1 Help


This page describes pagination option in YouTrack's REST API.

All resources that return lists of entities limit the number of returned entities by default. In this case, you need to use pagination.

The vast majority of resources use pagination with $top and $skip query parameters. We call it general pagination here.

However, resources that work with issue-related activities use a specific method of pagination - cursors.

General Pagination

When you try to get a big list of elements, YouTrack returns by default only limited number of elements. It's done to eliminate the server overload. To get the complete list of bundle elements, use the $skip and $top request parameters:

  • $skip=N lets you skip N found elements and returns elements starting from N+1.

  • $top=M instructs the server to return a set of top M elements found.

Combining these two parameters, you can iterate through the whole collection of elements that you need. For example, you can iterate through a list of available issues in, let's say, packs of 50 elements:,idReadable,summary,description&skip=0&$top=50,idReadable,summary,description&skip=50&$top=50,idReadable,summary,description&skip=100&$top=50

Or, you can iterate a big collection of versions in a bundle in packs of, let's say, 20 elements:,description,id,name,ordinal,releaseDate,released&skip=0&$top=20,description,id,name,ordinal,releaseDate,released&skip=20&$top=20,description,id,name,ordinal,releaseDate,released&skip=40&$top=20
Last modified: 8 July 2019