YouTrack InCloud 2019.1 Help

Connect to an External Mail Server

YouTrack InCloud instances are connected to a hosted mail service. You can, however, overwrite the default configuration and connect YouTrack to your own mail server.

To access these settings, select Global Settings from the Server Settings section of the Administration menu and scroll down to the Notifications section of the page.

SMTP settings

To connect to an external mail server:

  1. Select the Enable checkbox for Email.

  2. Enter values for the following settings:



    SMTP host

    Enter the server address of your SMTP server.

    SMTP port

    Enter the connection port for the SMTP server.

    Mail protocol

    Select the protocol that is used by your SMTP server.

    Connect anonymously

    If your SMTP server does not require authentication, enable this option.

    When enabled, YouTrack connects to your SMTP server without sending a login and password. The input fields for SMTP login and SMTP password are disabled. Values that are stored in these settings are ignored.

    SMTP login

    Enter the username of the account that is used to access the SMTP server.

    SMTP password

    Click the Change password button to specify the password for account that is used to access the SMTP server.

    SSL key

    Select a previously uploaded SSL key or trusted certificate for secure connection to your mail server. For details, see SSL Keys.

    From address

    Enter an email address for sending email notifications from YouTrack. For more information, see From and Reply-to Addresses.

    Reply-to address

    Enter an optional address to which email replies are sent. This sets the value for the "Reply-To:" field in the email header for messages that are sent by YouTrack. Use this setting when, for example, the address that you use to send email notifications cannot receive replies.

  3. When finished, click the Save button.

  4. Test the connection.

    • Click the Send test message button.

    • Enter an email address to which the test message should be sent.

      Send test message to email address

    • Click the Send button.

  5. Check the email account that you sent the test message to and verify that the message was delivered.

    • If successful, the connection to your external mail service is configured and ready for use.

    • If unsuccessful, update your settings and test the connection until the message delivery is successful.

Last modified: 8 July 2019